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8 July 2010

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Party's Over
21 June 2010

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7 June 2010

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English Bay
11 May 2010

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6 May 2010

Recent Comments

Nazzareno on Along Gimli Breakwater
So beautiful colors, details and atmosphere

Céline on Moon Flight
Nice composition !

Ronnie on Along Gimli Breakwater
The pictures on here are amazing! I like the color combinations and the structures. Wow! Hi, Zoltan, you probably ...

Katalog Stron on Along Gimli Breakwater
nice shot ,great compo,bravo wish all the best

Ruch Poparcia on Along Gimli Breakwater
exellent image,fabulous colors ,Bravo

Céline on Along Gimli Breakwater
Nice portrait !

Gillian on Rock Tag
I like this one!

jeffrey on Moon Flight
right place at the right time! very nice!

Wolfen on Moon Flight
Bonne prise au bon moment !! bravo !! Bonne semaine

Lucie Kalvodova on Moon Flight
Good timing!

Bettina Gilois on Shield II
What a gorgeous spot! I love your light!

sma on Shield II
Beautiful landscape! Good shot!

Bettina on +++
Great sunset!

sunstone_maria on ****
fantastic image. great capture.

zsuzsi on ****
I know it's not, but this looks so much like something on an African savannah. Striking. Where is it taken?

Candais on ****
That is sooo cool. Great shot

Bettina on Cree
Very nice light!

Bettina on Dock Debris
Wild! Cool shot. Love the stunned expression.

Bettina on ****
Great shot. The truncated trunk. Is it still growing?

Siepi on ****
Waow, well framed. Great shot!

Ronnie 2¢ on ****
Looks like she has taken a hit ! What a strong image this makes.

Marie LC on ****
Nice shot. Colors and light are beautiful. I love this amazing tree shapes

Karine (KLB) on Gimli Harbour
Wonderful image ! So colours are superb, and the scene very stunning. Like it a lot.

Karine (KLB) on Coin Feeder
What a find !!!! So funny. Perfect composition to bring the scene out, congrats.

Franz on Cree
beautiful, almost abstract! what kind of alphabet is this? (NOT the "hudson bay", of course!)

Soheil on Cree
nice photo excellent

k@ on Fish Station II
Excellent, i love fish (in photos too, do you know Anita Conti's work ?), your compo & focus are superb.

Mike Baker on Fish Station II
Saweeet shot. The light on the fish head is perfect.

Christine Walsh on Another Fish Station
Makes me wonder if THEY like the taste of fish.

zsuzsi on Another Fish Station
all those amazing greens playing off each other and the blood -- looks like an art director set this up. and that ...

Mike Baker on Another Fish Station
Nice picture here. What kind of fish were they cleaning and is it for local consumption or for export?

Franz on Another Fish Station
great "action" shot! thank goodness we don't have "smell-photography" ...

Sonia Nansid on Another Fish Station
Great tones!

San G. on Another Fish Station
I love the hushed tones of these colors. The fish-cutters look so young! Great shot!

Bettina on Fisher Portrait #6: Daniel
Your whole fishing series is wonderful.

Bettina on Surprise Visitor
Wow! I'm with Sonia.

Bettina on Cloudy Creek
Excellent reflection. Those colors are just great!

Bettina on Nelson River
Stunning light and reflection!

Bettina on Norway House Cemetary I
That's beautiful.

Bettina on Norway House Cemetary II
Excellent shot with great dof.

Bettina on Road Snake
Haha, it looks befuddled.

Bettina on Autumn tide
Wow, those are some beautiful colors.

Bettina on Bird Hill
Great cbrd silhouettes! Sorry I've been so absent.

Bettina on Riding Shotgun
Fabulous shot and title!

Christine Walsh on Riding Shotgun
Love the title! A very good presentation.

Robbie on Riding Shotgun
really like the color and texture in this shot.

Ronnie 2¢ on Bird Hill
Looks a bit ominous to me . .

Becky on Autumn tide
I agree with Monica - really great colors at the ocean - so so pretty. Wonderful image.

Monica on Autumn tide
I really like this shot, the colors are intriguing for an ocean view.

Tulip on Autumn tide

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